Today Will You Be Traveling with an Infant on Your Lap?

No.  Nope.  As a matter of fact I won’t.

Just a quick chime in here to say I’m still alive & kicking, just catching up on life and recovering from summer travel, which allows for very little time for oneself.  I’m not good without that.  I need it, and especially at this point in our fertility process.  No time to sort through the constant news we’re getting & having to chew on.

Today’s post title is brought to you by United Airlines check-in kiosk, which wanted to remind me, yet again, that I do not have a baby.  It stinks to be reminded of this left and right!!

However, I will say that as my husband and I raced to catch the tram over the weekend in O’Hare and saw the family with a loaded down stroller and triple the luggage because of their baby, I was able to look at hubs and comment on my gratitude — just this once — that we weren’t in that situation.  Silver lining for the day found.

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